Welcome, Family and Friends!

The above links cover my family and that of my husband. For reason of privacy, only a limited amount of information is available online. If you would like more information or would like to share information, please contact me.

The Index page for each family, shows the names of all persons included in that family tree. They are arranged in alphabetical order by surname and then by given name, where the Surnames page lists only the surnames for that family.

Selecting a name from the Index will take you a "family card" for that person. The "family card" shows the person, their spouse (if any), parents of the person and spouse (if any), and children (if any). Clicking on the link for the person or their spouse will take you to a "person sheet" for that person.

My original sources were my parents, grandparents and close relatives. Although I have tried to document as much as possible, I'm sure there are errors and inconsistencies. If you find errors, please provide me with the corrections. I'd like to thank, Heather Stavens, Joan Hill, Susan Hayes-Buttolph and Susan Schott-Hard for their help. They have helped me overcome many "brick walls".